May 02

Taking an oath before the parliament, new Minister of Health and Labour Riina Sikkut and new Minister of Public Administration Janek Mäggi undertook the positions.

“I wish a good enthusiasm and quick orientation for our new ministers in their positions. I welcome them to the team, which has a purpose of making Estonian society more coherent, equal, and sustainable. Every minister is trusted with a field of great responsibility. I am certain that by accepting these positions, Riina Sikkut and Janek Mäggi felt mentally secure and driven to contribute to advancing Estonian society. I wish them luck as politicians and believe that the new ministers bring with them a fresh look on how we can all together advance the life in Estonia even more substantially,” said Prime Minister Jüri Ratas. 

Centre Party is the largest political party in Estonia!



We ensure the country’s independence and sovereignty; we stand for the constitutional order and for improving the people’s standard of living.


The European social organisation is based on a wealthy and large middle class. Its formation is the key political objective of the Centre Party.


Our target is a secure European welfare state. People work ardently and love their country when the country protects them.